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Olivia teaching Cheryl knee stretches

"Progressive Multiple Sclerosis was pushing me toward wheelchair dependency until I met Leslie Frank. After only a few months of physical therapy focused on gait training and pain management, I am more mobile, hopeful and greatly improved."

Martha M, Retired

"After physical therapy at Bodyscape, the pain from my two herniated discs disappeared. My body is stronger and better equipped to handle everyday movement without the fear of recurring pain and injury."

Sharon A., Business Owner

"It has been a pleasure to have the on-going support of Leslie Frank and Bodyscape during my journey with ALS.  I have remained mobile longer due in a large part to the flexibility training I have received at Bodyscape.  It is a relief to know that there is a place that understands what is best for the patient."

Irene M., Staff Consultant, PALS

"Leslie Frank goes beyond the usual PT (I know as I worked with 5 different PTs over 4 years) to teach you not only strengthening and flexibility, but the correct way to do daily activities. I consider myselfextremely lucky to have found her."

Elita on High BarrelShirley L., Retired Sales Rep

"At Bodyscape each person who comes in gets personalized attention. There is a patient intelligence and an un-rushed approach that you will not find at any other physical therapy or pilates facilities."

PT Patient, Anonymous

"Parkinson's has been a difficult disease to deal with, but Leslie Frank has been most helpful in relieving and controlling the symptoms of this disease. She has helped me both physically and spiritually."

Myrl S, Retired Lawyer

"Bodyscape therapists are knowledgeable, caring and emphathetic. They have helped relieve my shoulder pain, improve flexibility, and taught me useful strengthening and preventative exercises."

Honoria V., Retired Bank Executive

"Bodyscape with Leslie Frank changed my life in thirteen weeks.  Balance, strength and stamina have all improved because of her innovative ways of working as a great physical therapist.  Thank you!"

Marjory Bartley, MS patient