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Life was good until one day you woke up and you were in pain, either from an old nagging joint or a fall on the dance floor during practice. It is days like these one appreciates the time when the body moved without effort. Physical changes that occur with an orthopedic injury/diagnosis can negatively affect your ability to move around with ease.

At Bodyscape we educate you about the physical changes that have occurred, and provide insight on how to create the most optimal healing environment for your body to get better faster. During your initial visit we will identify the source of your problem and establish short and long term goals to resolve them so you can return to your physical activities as soon as possible. Whether you want to return to playing in your basketball league or simply walk up the stairs in your house, we can help you .

Each session will integrate skilled manual therapy techniques with aggressive exercises to accomplish your goals . We will incorporate our Gyrotonic Expansion System® and Pilates equipment when appropriate to further challenge and progress your program. In addition, you will be given a customized progressive home exercise program to maintain the gains you have made.

Elita doing figure 8's on Gyrotonic Pulley Tower

What bodyscape can do for you

  • Hike, bike and play your sport without back pain
  • Return to walking for fitness with your exercise buddy without pain
  • Dancers learn techniques that will bring your dancing to a new higher level!
  • Athletes recover from your injuries and return to your sport with confidence
  • Improve your golf swing
  • Be able to go up and down stairs after a knee replacement
  • Manage arthritic pain in your joints
  • Have a restful nights sleep following a joint surgery
  • Get up from the couch effortlessly
  • Move without pain and with confidence!
  • Look Better, Feel Better and Live Better!

It's never too late to make a new beginning. Let Bodyscape be a part of that choice.


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Teresa assisting Alice with plank on physioball