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After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, starting a physical therapy and/or a fitness program at Bodyscape will be crucial in improving the quality of your life. Whether your disease is unchanging or progressive, things you were able to do automatically can become a challenge. Starting an aggressive therapeutic program can delay or even prevent future problems.

Photo: Leslie E. Frank, DPT in a meadow located in Mammoth, CA.

Leslie E. Frank, DPT, the owner of Bodyscape, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997. As a physical therapist and a certified MS specialist,, she provides great insight about the disease and how to manage symptoms. Mrs. Frank will implement techniques she has found to be effective for herself and other clients to customize your treatments. In addition, Bodyscape can become another resource to help you become educated about the latest research and organizations within the MS community.

Leslie's approach is very proactive and inspirational, in order to gain the best results. She believes in eliminating limitations.

There is no reason for you to not be a part of everything in life that you desire.

Let Leslie show you how to get back to those activities that you love.

What Bodyscape can do for you

  • Be able to get through your day with more energy
  • Feel more confident when walking without the fear of falling
  • Resolve your low back pain by modifying how you move around
  • Improve your hand dexterity and ability to type or pick up objects
  • Garden with greater ease
  • Walk or hike further distances
  • Feel less fatigued by learning energy conservation methods
  • Get up from a low chair or a soft couch without struggling
  • Walk/hike on your favorite trail
  • Pick up objects from the floor with ease
  • Feel more confident and independent!
  • Look Better, Feel Better and Live Better!

Photo: Pilates Instructor teaching a client the sidelying hip abduction series.


It's never too late to make a new beginning. Let Bodyscape be a part of that choice.


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