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Gyrotonic PulleysWhat Gyrotonic® golf training can do for you...

Gyrotonic® specialized golf exercises were designed to help incorporate the feeling of Gyrotonic® exercises into the golf swing. These exercises will help you get the feel of the correct golf swing. The only way you will truly improve is to modify your movement patterns in your swing. These exercises will not only help you stretch and strengthen in a golf specific manner, but will train you to actually move your body differently and swing the golf club better.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® has multiple exercises for every part of the swing. Gyrotonic® training gives golfers the best combination possible of both strength and flexibility training. Many of the Gyrotonic® exercises directly mimic what a golfer must do with his arms, wrists, hands, and torso during the golf swing. It works for golfers of all ages and fitness levels, and it helps people get better faster. You can get your game to a level that you never thought you could achieve! Photo: Leslie E. Frank assisting patient in a spinal mobility exercise on the GyrotoniCŪ HANDLE UNIT.

With Gyrotonic® training, you will:

  • Play more consistently
  • Hit the ball farther and straighter
  • Play injury-free
  • Enjoy the game more
  • Increase and strengthen your hip and shoulder turn
  • Improve the rotation of your arms
  • Strengthen your wrists and forearms
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase flexibility and strength to help maintain your balance and create stability with the ground during the swing
  • Learn proper lower body movement, with correct foot and ankle movement, and proper weight shift
  • Improve your hip turn with rotational motions
  • Loosen and strengthen your lower back with rocking motions
  • Get the proper weight shift on the swing with side to side movement exercises


Pam instructing Howard in Arch Curl



The proper rotation of the spine is integral to a good golf swing. It provides much of the power that is generated during the golf swing. A good golf swing puts tremendous physical demands on the whole body, but the spine is especially vulnerable. Back problems plague all levels of golfers from the novice to the professional. Gyrotonic® spinal movement prepares the golfer for bending over from the hips in the address position with ease. Torso rotation exercises train the muscles of the torso to rotate with precise power and speed.

The exercises also loosen and strengthen the whole spine from top to bottom, preparing it to be able to respond to the demands placed on it during the golf swing


The arm exercises help loosen and strengthen the shoulder girdle allowing greater arm rotation, an important component of the golf swing. The majority of golfers tend to be weak and inflexible in their upper back area and the shoulders. Gyrotonic® exercises are specific to resolving these issues by opening up and strengthening this area. In addition, we focus on specific exercises that strengthen and properly align the wrist for the cocking phase of the swing.


Strong and flexible legs are important aspects in a good golf swing. Most golfers find the coordination of the lower and upper body movements challenging. Correct power generation in the golf swing requires that the legs provide the activity necessary for the rotation of the spine in both the forward and the back swing. The Gyrotonic® exercises help you gain the flexibility needed in the hips and legs to attain the proper positioning in all aspects of the swing. For example, tight hamstrings make achieving the correct set up position difficult to attain. To correct this problem we would focus on Gyrotonic® exercises designed to increase flexibility in the hamstrings. The leg exercises also help you to achieve better balance, generate more power, and attain the proper alignment in all aspects the swing.

Photo: Melissa Franklin performing an upper body exercise  on the GyrotoniCŪ PULLEY TOWER.


Strength in the midsection of the body is monumental for a good golf swing. Gyrotonic® abdominal exercises create the strength and stability needed to stabilize the pelvis and helps to move the upper body and lower body together.

Simply put it is the finest exercise system out there for golfers!

t's never too late to start..

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