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The GyroKINESIS® Spinal Motions are foundational movements of the Gyrotonic® exercise method.  You can do them anywhere, anytime. Start seated on a sturdy chair or stool with your feet on the floor and legs in a small “V”.  Allow your sitting bones to release into the chair while you lengthen up through the crown of your head.  Let your hands rest on top of your thighs.

Arch Curl – Lift your chest and gently extend your spine into an arch as if someone’s pulling your sternum from a string.  Exhale with a “Ha” breath at the top of the arch.  From there inhale briefly (sniff through your nose), and then exhale as you curl your spine into a bowed shape starting from the crown of your head using a “Ho” breath.   Continue this Arch and Curl motion 4 to 6 times using your “Ha Ho” breathing.

Pam Johnson performing Arch Curl Pam performing the wave

Spiral – Gently rotate your spine to the right leading with your eyes, then your head, then shoulders, then ribs, then pelvis.  Exhale with a “Ha” at the end point.  Inhale and reverse the spiral to the left in the same order ending with a “Ha” breath.  Continue 6 to 8 times. 

Pam Johnson performing the Spiral

Wave  -- Place your hands on your thighs and widen the legs.  Ground your sitting bones and lengthen through the spine.   Lift your chest into your arch position, then hinge forward from your hips to about 45 degrees. Then slowly slide your sitting bones underneath you as you roll back up to your starting position.  Continue this “waving” motion of the spine 4 to 6 times using a long, slow “Ha” breath at you arch forward, and a "Sniff" inhale as you come back up to center.. 

Pam Johnson performing the Wave Pam Johnson performing the Wave Pam performing the wave Pam performing the wave Pam performing the wave


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